It’s dinner time and you’re craving Thai!

Dinner Menu

Thai cui­sine is famously cre­ative and var­ied.

All Thai dishes strike a balance between four flavours –sweet, sour, salty and spicy hot.  We have an extensive menu for you to choose from. Begin your dining experience with great appetizers. Try our vegetarian spring rolls, healthy salad rolls, chicken wings with Thai dip, chicken satay (marinated chicken breast on bamboo skewers), Calamari rings, crispy breaded Tiger prawns, crispy wonton (a Chinese influence with a Thai twist), tofu delight for vegetable lovers or lettuce wraps.

Follow up your appetizers with some soup.  Try the famous Tom Yum Goong or spicy prawn soup or Tom Kha Gai, a chicken soup with coconut milk and Thai ginger (Galanga or Kha in Thai). Otherwise, if you prefer, we also have a vegetable soup, wonton soup and a spicy noodle soup with egg, rice or glass noodles. So much to choose from!

Have your soup with some salad, I-San style. Thai spicy salads are all influenced by the cuisine of northeastern Thailand (I-San). We also have quite a variety of spicy salads, made from scratch!  Order something different and share. It’s the Thai way of dining.

The main course can be made up of curries with rice (Jasmine, coconut rice, glutinous or sticky rice) or Thai vermicelli noodles.  Be adventurous!  We have vegetarian dishes for veggi lovers, a variety of stir fried dishes, as well as fried rice (pineapple, curry, Thai Corner Special) and noodles.

If you like spicy seafood, try our seafood specialties.

Make dinner time full of  distinctive flavours and complementary textures, nutritionally balanced and delightfully presented!

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